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Here, we will talk about the UC browser. It is one of the best minimal browsers yet full of features to increase the user experience efficiency and making your browsing and download over the internet fast and easier.

Some of the best features UC browser are:

  • Optimized preloading
  • Themes
  • Udisk
  • Cloud boost technology
  • Add-ons
  • Speed Mode
  • Ad-blocker
  • Night Mode

These are only a few of the great features that UC have. But after all these great features and user experience you might face some issues UC Browser Customer Support which can be due to any reason. So, the most common issues that users have faced solutions are:

1. Error code 17 when downloading files: When you try to download any file using UC, it fails sometimes with the error 17 and you’re not able to download anything.

Solution: This error usually appears when the site isn’t returning any data that’s why it fails to download. You can try other browser or your device in the built browser to fix or if it still doesn’t download then you can contact the browser support.

2.UC browser crashing in the background: When you download something and minimize the browser or while it is running in the background, suddenly a dialogue box appears and showing UC browser is crashing.

Solution: It might be due to your device has insufficient space to run UC browser in the background. Clear up the space to use it easily without crashing.

3.Slow download speed: When you are downloading something but the download speed is very low when you have a good internet connection.

Solution: The best solution for it restarts the internet connection and try the downloading again. It also might be the sight issue that’s why the speed of download is slow.

4.Can’t save password and forms: When you use UC browser as default browser but it doesn’t save your password and forms details which you use usually.

Solution: The easiest solution for it is to enable cookies and save the password in Uc browser setting and then you are good to go.

If you have any other issues besides these common issues then you can contact for other browser issue like for safari you may visit  Safari Browser Customer Support for more help and better guidance on the error to fix it easily and fast.

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